Saturday, December 20, 2014

Introductions Updated

Hello and welcome to our blog spot.
            I am your host, the Teacher   I began my career in 1998.  I have watched many changes in education, society and family culture since then.  I am starting this blog as a place for people to share their experiences, wisdom, and interests related to improving society, helping families and children and saving free public education for future generations.  The writings in this blog are written by teachers and others from all over the country.  Some may choose to identify themselves and some may not.  Please site this blog if you quote us in other work.
           Education is a basic human right and our definitions are being steered away from positive outcomes for students in our classrooms.  This forum provides a place to engage in the public debate related to education and family policy.  If you have written something you feel matches the scope of this blog and you would like a space to publish it, please contact us.

Edit:Our audience has expanded beyond the boarders of the United States.  We are thrilled to have visits from readers outside of the country.  We would welcome you as a guest blogger if you would like to share your experiences in education or other related topics.

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