Sunday, March 1, 2015

Informal Learning

       My daughter attended a young coders conference to get her first class on programming in Python. She was worried and asked me if there would be tests during the class. I told her she would not be tested. All she had to do was to pay attention and learn as much as she can. She was relieved and excited about class.

      It made me think about how much I wish other kids could have access to this type of learning. There is less and less space for informal learning in school due to the test driven curriculum. Informal learning is some of the most memorable. 

     Time is being wasted for short term temporary gains. Test prep and all of this testing is a waste of time. Not just of the teachers time but more significantly the students time. At the time when youngsters are able to grow the most dendrites they are being subjected to substandard teaching because it's measurable. Measurable is not the same as memorable. In this case measurable and memorable may be opposites.

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