Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Linux drive creation (temporary)

Step by step on how to create a drive:

1. Go to pendrive linux

-Do not click the top link -no “GETITNOW” it's click bate and will not give you what you need

Scroll down and find YUMI mid screen CLICK LINK

2. Scroll to mid page and download YUMI

3. Open a new tab
type and search in the top left corner for your distro

4. Choose your website and download the mirror
- It looks overwhelming Don't Panic

5. Scroll down to the bottom
- choose the last one that ends with .iso

6. Download that .iso file to your computer.
-This may take awhile
- when you have both yumi and your .iso downloaded you will be ready to create your thumb drive
-Through School internet it took almost an hour

7. Run Yumi- will ask choose drive= Drive E, never choose C (computer) if creating a USB drive
which distro version- choose downloaded one, which is xubuntu
Browse for dot ISO file, Open and will show up in Green

8. When it says installation is done CLICK NEXT

9. Choose NO- unless you plan to put more distros on your drive

10. Choose finish

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