Sunday, June 28, 2015

An Excellent Plan to Begin a Math Class

Dr Rule was a professor at UTN who unlocked Mathematics for my Dad. His course was called mathematical analysis.  The things Dr Rule taught my father, my father in turn taught me.  I asked my Dad to tell me about his classes.  What resulted was a series of notes that I will be sharing with you in the next few blog posts.

First lecture, my father recounts this section of Dr Rule's first lecture to the college age people in his class:
  • 'He told us upfront that most people dread math. They feel they can't understand it. He began by introducing the elephant in the room.
  • Then he said he just got finished teaching in a private middle school and those kids were absolutely amazing. They could do anything.  With this statement he showed the students kids were able to succeed. Then he gave the recipe the kids used for success.
  • "They listened, retained and gained a command of mathematics."  One of the greatest struggles in Math is staying focused so you can follow what is being shared.
  • Finally, he told them he was going to teach some of the same things he was teaching to 7th graders with these college students.
  • He ended this initialization process with a little bit of a challenge, "Don't worry if you can't catch on I will be here to remind you."'
If anyone knows Dr Rule I would love to meet him.  He taught at either MBA or BGA.  The way he taught echos.  It resonated with my father, with me and I hope it will resonate with you. Tune in next week when we will talk about his lecture on Odd and Even numbers.

If you would like to gain a better command of Mathematics I have crafted a lecture to help you understand this beautiful Philosophy better so you can help your child learn it. You can learn more about it at our page on Facebook called EDGE-ucational Consultants.  We would love to see you stop by and like our page.

Have a great week!

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