Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dr Rule's Notes on Odd and Even Numbers

You may have forgotten these or you might not have heard but these are some handy things to remember when dealing with numbers.  There are two types of counting numbers: even and odd. Even numbers can be divided evenly by two.  All counting numbers that aren't even are odd.

8 things to remember if you are dealing with Odd/Even numbers:

  • If you have an even number you know it can be reduced
  • If you add two odd numbers you will get an even numbers
  • If you add two even numbers together you will get an even number
  • The only way you can get an odd sum is by adding an odd and an even
  • If you multiply odd numbers you get an odd number
  • If you multiply even numbers you are going to get an even number
  • If you mult an even and an odd you get an even number
  • The only way to get an odd product is to multiply two odd numbers- Knowing this is handy if you need to dived an odd number by an odd number because you know your answer will have to be an odd number.
You can test these with a child and let them see that these are true.  Usually children are surprised as they begin to check these.  It can be fun to watch how they react.
Pass this information on to a parent.  The best way to help our students learn Mathematics is to scaffold their classroom learning at home. This can be a jumping off point for a conversation over dinner.

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