Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rutherford County ESP Tech Teaching

        Last week there was a Coders Camp in Murfreesboro. Tennessee for the students in the Hobgood Elementary ESP.  The enrolled students explored aspects of the tech and maker movement.  Various students built robots, deconstructed toys, programmed on, created games and cards in scratch and built websites.  It was an amazing experience for my children
and fun to watch the children blossom into makers instead of end users.

       They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I have been given permission by Rutherford County to share these pictures and the story of this Coders Camp.

We began the week with coding.

These two are working together to create a talking unicorn.

This student was the first to demo a game she created.

This young one would rather code than eat.  I was so happy that he was enjoying himself. We did eventually get him out the door for lunch. He was the first back through the door when lunch was over.

Getting to know micro controllers for the first time.

These young girls wired up this micro controller as if they had been working with these their whole life.
They were confident and competent. Their first project. a keyboard made from gummies, worked beautifully.

Working together to create an original drumming song for a video game.

Learning the volt-a-meter inside and out.

A group of students are gearing up to build a video game controller from a Micro controller and tin foil.

These young men are building their first robot from a bottle top and a pager motor.

 These pictures give the highlights but we covered a significant amount of material.  The kids were engaged and the parents we met told us how pleased they were with this camp experience.  The camp broadened the knowledge base and horizons of  the students involved.  It was made possible through cooperation between Rutherford County Schools, United Way of Rutherford County, Nashville Technology Council, Hobgood ESP and the Mott Grant which funded the camp.  We thank all of you for your efforts.

Want to make your own Micro controller art or other do-dad. Here is a link to point you to our favorite first micro-controller for beginners.

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